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Owner & Stylist

Kate has grown her career around men's cutting. She most enjoys the shampoo & the end results. It's all in the details, and that's how she tries to run her businesses, too! Kate is passionate about growing herself, her team, and experiencing whatever life has to offer. Experiences, not things. Her drive keeps her going a million miles a minute, but hopefully you can't tell when you're around her! Working endless hours on & in her business, she tries to unplug & travel as much as possible. When not working or traveling, Kate loves spending time with her husband, who runs a very fast paced business of his own. Growing together has been an incredible journey and she's very thankful to have a partner that understands what it's like to own a small business. Kate is dedicated to her craft and leading her team to achieve their dreams and goals, inside and outside of the shop. A proper work/life balance is always on her mind and she's forever working on watering where needs watered, and pruning where needs pruned.